For those traveling to Costa Rica exclusively for Raw Jungle Passover, we suggest flights that arrive and depart to Liberia (LIR). (For example, there is a direct flight from JFK that arrives at LIR at 12:54pm on the 22nd and leaves for JFK on the 26th at 1:50pm). Below is some very specific information regarding suggested flights for those interested in group shuttles from the airport to the Nosara B&B.

Transportation to and from Nosara B&B Retreat from Liberia Airport

Nosara B&B are only able to provide round-trip transport for the $100 per person fee when the group travels together to Nosara B&B Retreat from the Liberia (LIR) airport and back, with a minimum of 6 people per transfer. If a guest arrives on their own, we are happy to make arrangements for them to be picked up by a private driver, but they are responsible for the fee (approximately $140). The rate can be as little as $50 per person if we book in advance, so please be in touch.

For individual shuttle bookings, upon request, Nosara Retreat will book the most reasonable shared airport shuttles and charge each individual their portion of the cost, plus a $5 admin fee.

When booking a flight, airport shuttles are typically more cost effective for flights into Liberia than San Jose (there can be more than a $100 price difference).

Group shuttle rates are only available for individuals when flights arrive into/or depart from Liberia before 1 pm. After those hours only taxi fares are available. The cost each way is currently $140.

Flight Delays

If a flight is delayed for more than one hour after the agreed upon arrival time, they will be responsible for making their own transportation arrangements. Nosara B&B staff will be available by phone to help coordinate with them if necessary. There are plenty of taxis at the airport but they are much more expensive than the group shuttle.

Arrival Time

  • Please arrive in the Liberia airport (LIR) on April 22 between 9am and 1pm. (For example, there is a direct flight from JFK to LIR that arrives in Liberia at 12:59pm)
  • We will have shuttles (that you can sign up for) picking up at the airport and taking you to the Nosara B& B. The ride is approximately 1 hour.
  • Check in time is  2pm.

Departure Time and Place

  • Check out time is 11am.
  • Our main shuttles will be departing on Apr 26 at 9am for flights between noon and 7 pm.
  • Early am flights on the 26th will incur an additional charge.


For those arriving earlier than April 22 and/or leaving after April 26th, transportation to and from the airport could be as much as a $150 each way — but will be much less if there are a group of people. We anticipate a number of people extending their trip on either or both ends and we will do our best to keep you apprised of this so you can anticipate any additional cost and coordinate and arrange travel in advance.

Passport/Visa Info

The U.S. Embassy requires that U.S. citizens entering Costa Rica possess a valid U.S. passport with an expiration date beyond six months of the date of travel.

Passport holders from countries on Costa Rica’s no visa required list do not need to apply for a formal visa to visit Costa Rica. If you’re visiting from the US or Canada, this applies to you. The immigration officer at passport control may also ask you to prove the necessary economic means and a return ticket to your country.

Immigration will check your documents and stamp and process the form, handing you back the right-hand portion, which you must keep and surrender when you leave. If you lose this form, you will have to go to the immigration desk at the airport and may have to pay a fine for another one, so it is best to attach it to your passport so it cannot be misplaced.