Passover as “Yes” – Vitality and Freedom

Posted on Apr 3, 2014

Beetlejuice with Chia Seeds_02of03We often neglect our body when we think of Pesach by focusing on what we can’t eat, and not choosing foods powerfully that can offer us health, vitality, and cleansing capabilities.

Of course it’s essential to clean our house and purge clothing and other items that don’t serve us, and it’s also necessary to look with a flash light and feather in our bodies cleaning up the neglected areas within us that are crying out for liberation.

According the Tsfat Emet, the only difference between Matzah and Hametz is the little space between the Het and the Hey. There is a point that reflects how in Egypt we saw the great power of Man, but in the desert we witnessed the great power of God. The key is to recognize that ultimately our power source is Hashem and not Man. The key is to remember remember and remind each other of this as we get caught in the human webs of minutia.

One way to free our self-imposed slavery is to recognize what we are slaves to. You can do this by taking a whole vegetable and starting your seder by chewing on your slavery until you know what dominates and incarcerates.

Another way to do it is to free yourself of the idea that we must drink four cups of wine to experience liberation. Perhaps you try that at a seder or two…and then, you have a full week to drink up!

How about drinking four glasses of fresh veggie and fruit juices? Add beet if you want the wine color.


Juicing is an awesome way to get the essence of the fruits and veggies as a liquid multi vitamin and uncover the shell to access it’s light.

Light is who we are and we forget it. Juicing is a great tool to remind us of who we really are. It help us to be clear, energize, and actualize thoughts and speech into loving actions and mitzvot. Go for it!

Smile and Laugh out loud in Liberation to finish

Shimon’s Juice
1 carrot
1/2 beet
1 lemon peeled
3 bokchoy leaves
3 celery stalk
1/2-1in. ginger
1 tbs. apple cider vineger