Is this retreat kosher for passover?

  • Our menu will include only raw vegan ingredients which do no require a heksher for use on passover. For example, we will make our own cashew cream with raw cashews and raw cacao nibs. The majority of meals focus on fruit and vegetables.
  • All appliances will be carefully cleaned before the retreat in order to remove possible traces of hametz. Many appliances such as juice machines are unlikely to have traces of foods that are not kosher for passover.
  • While the food will not be under strict rabbinic supervision, all kitchens will be cleaned and checked in preparation for the retreat.

I have never tried a vegan diet, won’t I be hungry?

  • While the meals will be grain free and animal product free, we are planning a diverse menu that balances many filling items such as nut pate or coconut milk smoothies.

Do I have to be Jewish to join in on this retreat?

  • This retreat is open to individuals of all backgrounds including religion.

Do I need to have a lot of experience practicing yoga and meditation to attend?

  • All yoga and meditation classes will be accessible to folks with a variety of experiences in yoga and meditation.

What if I sneak into town for an ice cream one night? Will I be kicked of the retreat?

  • No. While we encourage participants to focus on the raw vegan diet for the duration of the retreat, we are not strictly monitoring individual diets – snacks in your room or trips into town are the choice of each individual.